The bid on eBay may have ended, but the car is pure eye candy, so we figured it was worth sharing with you guys. Being a muscle car enthusiast will help a lot with the details, but even if you’re a hybrid car fan, chances it won’t tickle your interest are close to zero. Then, there’s also the fame factor.


It was a 7-day bid that ended three days ago, and for some reason the reserve was not met. What’s going on, eBay-ers? It’s a Buick Riviera Coupe that dates back to the golden age of muscle car era. Is it the way they customized it that lacks the proper excitement? We doubt that, considering we’re dealing with a stunner. In fact, let us look one-inch closer first.

American Dream Machines, the auto shop selling the classic, claims the Buick Riviera was owned by a member of the Black Eyed Peas. Moreover, it also was featured in numerous magazines. It has a custom blend of “Candy Pagan Gold with a gold flake base and pearl finish.” The vehicle was lowered using Firestone airbags front and rear individually; a pimped-out white interior was also added.


Here’s a detailed list of what the car is all about, according to the eBay listing:

“Mike O’Brian started this project out in Burbank California where he had Rick Bentley at R Kustoms in Santa Clarita California, install a set of airbags with Rancho shocks (front and rear). It had a complete stripping and new paint job by, Andy Diaz, 15×7 Astros rims with Remington 205/70 white wall tires. Unique Twist painted the final coat of custom-mixed House of Kolor Kandy Pagan Gold which the car has become known for. This car still sports the white tuck ‘n’ roll interior Mike had made for it at Sagona’s in Burbank California.”


All these considered, we’re here wondering, how come nobody wants it?

By: autoevoution