This 1964 Dodge Charger Hemi concept car was created in 1963 on the underpinnings of the Polara and was meant to bring in the spotlights Chrysler’s newest engine at that particular time, the now iconic 426-cubic inch (7.0-liter) Hemi V8.


As far as we know, the car was in the possession of the late John M. O’Quinn and has been owned by several collectors over its 47-year existence. It was painstakingly restored by multiple award-winner Fran Roxas and it has one of the original 15 race Hemi engines, rated at 600+ horsepower, under the bonnet.



The 1964 Dodge Charger Hemi concept car comes with a 3-speed automatic transmission, independent torsion bar front and rear semi-elliptic leaf spring suspension, 4.56:1 “Sure Grip” rear axle and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes.


The car seems to be as close to perfect as it can get, since it was kept in a climate-controlled storage facility. This one-off is more of something boys would want on their bedroom wall, so it should make an excellent collectible. By: musclecarsworld