The restomod culture is one of the certain paths to automotive hapiness, and if we’re talking about a 1970 Plymouth Cuda Hellcat, things enter a new dimension of feel-good.


Sure, this is but a rendering (coming from rc82 workchop) and yet the connection to reality is stronger than you might expect.

For one thing, we’ve already been blessed with a Hellcat engine swap for a 1968 Charger, so the modern-retro Mopar melange idea isn’t new. This is the point where we’ll remind you the retro Barracuda has grown to share its platform with the contemporary Challenger, not the Charger.

We’re talking about General Lee Mayhem (you can check out the car here), a contraption created by the YouTube show Roadkill. This was no secret build – the crew initially discussed the idea with SRT CEO Tim Kunisis and were warned about the challenges of the electronics transplant.

Still, with a hefty budget on hand, the guys pulled it off, which is how we ended up with a desirable Frankenstein. Unfortunately, they were short on time, so don’t expect General Mayhem to come with trimmed edges. Then again, this isn’t the kind of muscle car that needs such details. By: autoevolution