It’s that time of year again where everyone is getting ready to spend a week of their life in fabulous Las Vegas, staring at the industries most well equipped vehicles. Queue music… It’s SEMA!

For the rest of us not able to make the trek to car Mecca, we live vicariously through blogs and forums showcasing pictures and videos. So we are starting ours off ahead of the curve. Here is a sneak peak of our 2013 SRT Viper with all its new carbon fiber upgrades that will be debuting at the Seibon booth.

2013 Vivid Racing SRT Viper

Having Seibon as a partner last year with our BMW M5 F10, we wanted to go that extra step for this years event. Upgrades from Seibon include a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber front lip, carbon fiber canards, carbon fiber side skirts, carbon fiber diffuser, carbon fiber tail light surround, and carbon fiber wing. One thing to note with the carbon fiber hood is Seibon’s ability to have a custom weave done that allows this giant hood to be done as 1 piece. The top and bottom are not seamed at all which from a production aspect is quite an accomplishment.

 Along with the Niche wheels, Pirelli tires, Agency Power intake and exhaust this already equipped boss machine just became that much more awesome. You might be thinking, “yeah thats a lot of carbon.” But don’t worry we will have a surprise in store for those that go to the show!

Source: Vivid Racing