2015 Renault Sport RS 01 Specification. The tradition of exclusive models, sports Renault Sport Megane RS 275 Trophy, a new version of the Megane RS limited edition continues. After its refurbishment, the sportier version of the Mégane range now benefits from a technical improvement and a custom look. Megane RS 275 Trophy is the latest in a long series of limited editions – this model that began with the Trophy version in 2011 and continued with the versions of Red Bull Racing kb7 (2012) and Red Bull Racing kb8 (2013).


Technical updates of a R.S. Thoroughbred with even greater performance
Widely acclaimed both by its performance on road and when it handles circular circuits, the chassis of the Cup with limited slip differential is a standard feature of the Megane RS 275 Trophy. To allow customers to more fully benefit from the dynamic qualities of the car, Renault Sport engineers have worked intensely on the Megane RS power plant to extract a 10 HP extra. Two-liter gasoline engine consequently boasts 275 HP, and the maximum is reached at 5,500 rpm. At the same time, the maximum torque (360 Nm) torque is available across a broad band of revolutions, from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm.


Despite this power, fuel consumption and additional emissions have been contained with care, to stand at only 7.5 litres / 100 km * and 174 g of CO2/km respectively. Renault Sport and Akrapovic, manufacturer of exhaust systems of reference for motorcycles and high-performance cars, have marked his association with the standard of a titanium exhaust system furniture. In addition to benefiting from the lower weight of titanium, trophy Megane RS 275 also has a specific bark, more strident that is sure to appeal to those who appreciate sports Motors notes.

A package of equipment with a pedigree of circuit racing
Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy starts a collaboration with the world-renowned, Ohlins damper manufacturer. Limited edition car can be specified with Öhlins Road & Track shock absorbers adjustable optional with steel springs. This evolution of the technology used in the engine and the Megane N4 sports allows drivers to adjust their buffers settings easily and without assistance.


Also available as an option for Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy for those who enjoy day of circuit are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. This solution of ultra – high performance has been developed jointly by Michelin and Renault Sport specifically for this new limited edition of front-wheel drive car.

A version of Edition limited packages exclusive styling, inside and out
New design includes Trophy brand on the front sheet of type F1 Platine grey, while the custom body-side trophy decals. Platine grey also has been selected for the graphic checkered flag at the bottom of the doors. Meanwhile, the numbered doors molding
s of access are further evidence of the uniqueness of the car’s limited edition.

As well as the new engine of the note of the signing, the carbon exhaust pipe, also, is the work of Akrapovic. 19 – inch rims Speedline Turini black optional derived from those used by the competition of Megane versions can also be ordered. Inside, trophy Megane RS 275 comes with leather and Alcantara Recaro seats with red stitching visible. Red color seams has been extended to the back seat, while the head rest feature Renault Sport badging.


Other highlights of the interior include visible red seams for Alcantara steering wheel adjustment and down hand brake, as well as a shifter Zamac. Thanks to its new, more powerful engine, technical characteristics of branch competition and firm stance, Megane Renault Sport RS 275 Trophy is a car’s limited edition that is sure to appeal to lovers of exclusive sports cars. By: bestcarlives