Now that GM has set the 2016 Camaro free into the world, the Internet has gone wild with expanding the reach of the sixth-gen. One of the best examples comes in the form of the rendering above, which shows the 2016 Camaro with an extreme Liberty Walk custom approach.


For those who are unfamiliar with the Liberty Walk take, we are talking about a Japanese aftermarket specialist who’s most famous for its riveted-on fenders.

Camaro6 forum member Kris Horton took the time to digitally manipulate the new Camaro. In the process, he also added a generously-sized front splitter, as well as a rear wing such as the ones we’ve seen fitted to certain Liberty Walk projects.

Well, this is where the story splits for us. On one hand, we’re impressed with the 3D work itself and we’d easily see this image as one of the cover photos for a future Need For Speed game featuring the latest Camaro.

On the other hand, we’re glad this is just a virtual creation. Just yesterday we were talking about a Dodge Challenger Hellcat that had received a Liberty Walk treatment in the real world.

It’s difficult to refrain from opening the rotten tomato can when somebody decides to make his or her pony/muscle car impractical by turning to mods the alter the handling/ride balance.

These cars are, by definition, machines that offer plenty of drivability, so such tuning projects defeat the purpose of the pieces of American metal they target. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t mind seeing this rendering come to life as a 6th generation Camaro GT3 racecar. By: autoevolution