With all the new model releases going on at the 2015 LA Auto Show, it’s easy for visitors and media to forget about the so called “Undisputed Track Record King”.


Even though FCA is clearly focused on promoting new models in LA, such as the Fiat 124 Spider and the Alfa Romeo Giulia, there’s no reason why visitors shouldn’t stop by and admire a car that is not only an absolute beast on both road and track, but is also very much under scrutiny.

Is the Viper getting the axe? Some reports sure suggest so, which is why supercar and muscle car fans alike should band together in moments like these and let themselves be heard.

There are so many amazing future possibilities for the Viper, it would be a genuine shame for FCA to pull the plug. This 645 HP V10 beast should be allowed to go on breathing naturally aspirated free air, especially since we can only imagine just how surgical future generations might become on track if powered by even more competent engines.


According to Dodge, the Viper ACR 5 Comments than any other production car in the world, which is great, but also sounds a little like they’re getting it ready for its swan song.


Right now, all Viper fans can do is hope for the best and maybe visit the car as often as they can, if it’s not too much of a hassle. And yes, taking the ACR to Los Angeles was a good idea – which might just spark a few new conversations about it.

Sometimes that’s all it takes for the right people to realize that 3-second cars don’t just grow on trees. By: Carscoops