This hellaflush Toyota Prius from Kuhl Racing is hellacool in our nonobjective opinion. The Japanese customizers have rendered their transformation for the all-new hybrid machine and will start fabrication as soon as they take delivery of the car. 2016 Toyota Prius Getting Hellaflush Body Kit from Kuhl Racing

 Are you tired of the same old trash from the Japanese tuners everybody knows about? Have you seen Black Bison kits for everything? We have the cure. Kuhl Racing is a company we’ve only stumbled upon this year, but they are gaining notoriety quickly, after showing their metal GT-R at the SEMA Show.

We believe their shop is in Nagoya and cranks out some amazing body kits with the help of a firm called Artis, which specializes in metal etching and airbrush art.

Their preview for the 2016 Prius includes several drawings and a few photoshopped images. The kit called ZVW50 will debut next year and should include everything a crazy hybrid owner could dream of.

One set of images shows the lowered stance and big copper color wheels. However, we’d much rather draw your attention to the more heavily customized model with new skirts, spoilers and quad exhaust system with blue titanium tips.

2016 Toyota Prius Getting Hellaflush Body Kit from Kuhl Racing-rear

Every super-clean hybrid car needs four exhaust pipes which seem stolen from a Nissan GT-R, right?

Of course, the car looks radical, but they only changed a few bits at the bottom. The 2016 Prius just comes with standard lunacy, as Toyota wanted to make a car that stands out wherever it goes. In Japan, you can even buy it in neon green with matching wheels.

That’s only the tip of Toyota’s craziness iceberg, which includes the Toyota Aqua Cross. Basically, it’s a subcompact turned into a hybrid and then given off-road potential.


Knowing that, Kuhl Racing could have given the Prius bosozoku exhaust and dust pan for a front splitter. But don’t think for a second that all their cars follow the rules. For instance, you might want to check out their 2016 Mazda MX-5 project. By: autoevolution