Last time Toyota Racing Development came up with a Prius racecar, we got wind of it rather late. This is not the case with the new Prius’ track incarnation, though. The 2016 Prius GT300 racer has just made its debut at the Tokyo Auto Show, and yes, the machine is as otherworldly as you’d expect it to be. 2016-toyota-prius-gt300-racecar-debuts-in-tokyo

Introduced by APR Racing, which retired the ex-gen Prius racecar after a successful career in Japan, the motorsport hybrid comes with one major change compared to the contraption it replaces.

While packing a gas-electric architecture, the internal combustion engine part of the powerplant is no longer mid-mounted, with the regulations now requiring the engine to maintain its factory position.

Fret not, you performance junkies, we’re still dealing with the trusted RV8K 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 that has served a vast number of Toyota racing machines, as well as the Le Mans-competing Rebellion. While we don’t have the full info for the moment, we can tell you Toyota Racing Development started off with the electric propulsion system of the standard car when developing the one used here.


As for the rest of the package, the aerodynamics have little to do with the let-me-slip-through-the-air approach of the model you can find in Toyota showrooms. The same can be said about the interior, where composite carbon fiber is used extensively, while the steering wheel will see Prius owners checking to determine whether they’re dreaming or not.

Before we invite you to check out the unveiling video below, which takes places in the traditional JDM manner, there’s one thing we need to mention. Now that Toyota has the street Prius drifting in its commercials, the bond between this and the racecar is stronger than ever. P.S. While we’re at it, perhaps we should also mention the ex-generation Toyota Prius drift car that stirred the crowds at last’s year’s Tokyo Auto Show. By: autoevolution