New 2017 Dodge Challenger is already awaited by many people especially, for the car lovers. Challenger becomes a famous brand from Dodge that has special characteristic among many muscle car lovers. The car sets a masculine and sexy look that is combined with aggressive engine performance that is loved by many people in this world. For 2017 Dodge Challenger, there are none of information that are released yet about the car. However, we can start to make a prediction about any improvements that will be given to the car based on some aspects. Without further ado, let’s find out about some changes that might be implemented to the newest edition of Challenger.

2017 Dodge Challenger Barracuda

2017 Dodge Challenger Coupe Concept Review

For previous edition, Dodge sets V8 6.2 liter that can produce 600 HP. Based on the result, the car will be a wild ride that is really fast. For 2017 Dodge Challenger engine, there are some possibilities that Dodge might change it with other engine to provide better performance for the car.

 2017 Dodge Challenger Coupe Concept Review

However, it is better for us to sit well and wait for any news that will be released by Dodge later. Dodge will announce the car to the public if the time has come. At that time, there will be a lot of information that is revealed by Dodge.

2017 Dodge Challenger Srt Changes Redesign

As a muscle car, 2017 Dodge Challenger may retain its look since, it looks really good for the car. For any improvements, Dodge will announce it later from some car events in future. The previous edition has set some changes that are looked really great for the car.

The 2016 edition of Challenger has set a new front and rear bumper for the car. Besides, a new headlight is also set for better illumination and look. Based on our prediction, the appearance won’t be changed while there will be some light change for the car later.

2017 Dodge Challenger Engine

2017 Dodge Challenger Barracuda Convertible News

Dodge must gives a comfortable cockpit for 2017 Dodge Challenger to make the driver feel really comfortable while riding the car in fast speed. Therefore, there are some possibilities that will be applied to the car in future.
A premium and luxurious interior is seen through the previous edition of Challenger. Therefore, we also expect that the same one will be also applied for the newest edition. However, it seems that there are also other new changes that will be applied later for the 2017 model.

2017 Dodge Challenger Interior

2017 Dodge Challenger Release Date And Price

For 2017 model, we still have to wait for any announcement that will be brought by Dodge later. Once the car is being produced then, there will be a lot of new things that will come along the car. Therefore, patience becomes the best thing for us to wait 2017 Dodge Challenger.