Ford is making efforts to keep the 2017 Ford GT prototype silent, as the EcoBoost V6 at its center is still in the early development stages. But with the supercar being displayed at various events, this has lead to interesting situations, such as the one we’re here to discuss.

The most recent adventure of the GT saw it attending the Monterey Car Week, being displayed at the 2015 Quail Motorsports Gathering in Carmel Valley, California.

2017 Ford GT
2017 Ford GT

Prototypes being pushed around at car events isn’t anything new, but wait, there’s more moar

The distance from the unloading point to the display location was greater than you’d expect, so the car was pushed all the way. And to keep things on the funny side, the group of men handling the prototype also pulled a reverse steering trick, guiding the car around by grabbing its front wheels.

While you can see their journey in the video below, we can also show you the part the Blue Oval was trying to hide. The 2017 Ford GT is also touring Europe at the moment, with the vehicle having been loaded into a truck under its own power during an event in London – you’ll be able to listen to the EcoBoost V6’s voice in the second video below.

Speaking of the soundtrack, the various Ford GT test cars that have been spotted driving out in the wild also offer us a sample of what happens when the driver steps on the gas in one of these superb pieces of engineering.

As most of you know, the twin-turbocharged heart of the Ford GT will deliver over 600 hp and while that figure alone might not seem all that extreme nowadays, you have to factor in the lightweight, carbon fiber construction of the vehicle. You know, to help with the pushing. By: autoevolution