Forget Formula One, DTM, or even Rallycross. The motorsport category you want to be following in 2017 is Japan’s Super GT Series on account of the cars set to battle each other this season. This is the latest addition, the new Honda NSX-GT, and it will take on the likes of Lexus LC 500 and Nismo GT-R.

We would watch Super GT just for the Honda NSX-GT because as you can see this thing looks awesome. With a naked carbon fiber body and the most vicious looking aero kit we’ve ever seen, it is going to be an absolute treat watching this car slugging it out with the other hot looking cars at the Japanese racing series. The reason SGT cars look so good has to some extent to do with the aero rules. Ironically, that dramatic aero kit is actually less downforce efficient than cars from the last season due to the new rules designed to make the series more competitive.


As for the other highlights and specs of the Honda NSX-GT, the car has a dry weight (without driver and fuel) of 1,049 kg and boasts a special 1,995cc 2.0 liter turbocharged HR-414E engine that develops well over 600 horsepower. These two figures, the weight and the power, are enough to let you know what sort of a monster this NSX-GT is. Keeping that power in check are sophisticated wishbone suspension, carbon ceramic brakes, and super fat 300 section tires on the front and 320 on the back wrapped around 18 inch wheels.


We do hope that the looks of this NSX-GT racing machine inspire some tuners to come up with a similar looking aftermarket body kit for the road-going version.

By: motorward