Mazda’s CX-9 has become the faithful old friend in the Japanese carmaker’s lineup – a byproduct from Ford and Mazda’s past platform sharing days. Barring a facelift in 2013, it has largely gone unchanged since its 2007 debut, with a lifecycle lasting longer than most others in the same segment.
2017 Mazda Cx - 9 Suv Sharpens Up Kodo Style
2017 Mazda Cx – 9 Suv Sharpens Up Kodo Style

2017 Mazda Cx – 9 Suv Sharpens Up Kodo Style

Fortunately, we have some good news to share – an all-new CX-9 is just around the corner! We’ve seen the spy photos, and with the help of some digital wizardry, we can now show you how Mazda’s next-generation family hauler will look like.
Athletic Kodo Styling:
The out-going CX-9 is the lone Wolf in Mazda’s family; the rest of the lineup has been redesigned with Kodo-themed styling, whilst the CX-9 still struts its mid-2000’s attire. MY2017 brings clean-sheet design – which finally matches its other showroom stablemates.

Said to be inspired by Mazda’s upcoming Koeru Concept, the look much more athletic and toned. Think of it as a masculine Mazda 6 on steroids, with flowing tense surfacing, bold front grille, and vertical lower front intakes. The CX-9’s additional length and upright front-end exudes good stance and makes it an imposing statement.

2017 Mazda Cx - 9 Suv
2017 Mazda Cx – 9 Suv

A Revamped Interior:

Despite its age, the departing 2015 CX-9’s interior is still surprisingly pleasant. The next generation car will push the envelope much further again with Mazda’s notable commitment to upscale interior design and build quality. Interior packaging is said to better direct rivals such as Toyota’s Highlander, with increased internal dimensions and better ease of access for the 2nd and 3rd rows.

2017 Mazda Cx - 9 Suv interior
2017 Mazda Cx – 9 Suv interior

Like its face-lifted Mazda 6 sibling, expect premium touches with stitched leather dashboard elements, brushed aluminum and piano-black inlays. Mazda’s Connect infotainment system will keep the technophiles happy, as will the full suite of safety assists; such as blind-spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert.

What Will Power It:

‘Down-sizing’ is the current name of the game in the auto industry, and Mazda is set to follow this route here as well. Gone will be the current car’s 3.7-litre V6, tipped to be replaced by a smaller 2.5-litre, four cylinder turbo unit utilizing the very latest in ‘SkyActiv’ techniques.
New 2017 Mazda Cx - 9 Suv

Power will be sent through the front wheels as standard, with all wheel drive being an option. It’s unknown which transmission or AWD system it will use; however with the commitment to SkyActiv weight-saving and efficiency philosophies, it should be a great drive.

7-seat Rivals:

The all-new CX-9 will enter the family chariot battle against Dodge’s Durango, Honda Pilot, Hyundai Santa Fe and Ford Explorer, amongst others. While these rivals are worthy competitors, I suspect Mazda will have the upper hand when it comes to sheer visual punch – something the segment has been lacking until now.

Mazda Cx - 9 Suv

Expect official images and details in the coming months, with a live reveal possibly penciled in as early as the 2015 Los Angeles motor show in November.

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