Case of most other supercar, supercar Incepto can only accommodate 2 passengers.

2020 Incepto GT Concept Supercar | Samir Sadikhov

Complete with aerodynamic bodywork built for the track including new wheels, new front and rear splitters and a rear wing, make this the ideal track car for the year 2020.

2020 Incepto GT Concept 2020 Incepto GT Concept_2
Rear view, Incepto GT supercar like a fighter with two big holes on either side with 2 mufflers in the middle. Being ahead is very supportive aerodonamis with conical shape.

2020 Incepto GT Concept_3 2020 Incepto GT Concept_4
Based off the Incepto Concept, Samir’s idea for a hard-core racing version of his 2-seater sportscar layout comes in the form of the Incepto GT.

Designer/source : Samir Sadikhov /duipee