Back in the day, AMC built 30,902 units of the 1973 model year Javelin, and we’re here today to discuss what has to be the most extreme example of the model. If the 2,500 hp output figure doesn’t make this muscle car special enough for you, its street-legal status will.

The engine compartment of this Javelin no longer has to do with the 300 something ponies developed by the standard car. So instead of a spear, we have a 2,500 hp tank, at least when the turbos work at 30 psi.


That crank power comes from a 372ci V8 that works with twin 88-mm Precision turbochargers. The power at the wheels sits somewhere north of 2,000 ponies. And when the thing tips the scales at 3,085 lbs (1,400 kg), expect monstrous performance to be only natural.

To be more precise, we are talking about quarter mile times in the 6-second range, with trap speeds of up to 210 mph (that’s 338 km/h for all you reading this across the pond).

This Javelin recently took part in the Drag Week competition. Among others, this required it to take on a 1,000-mile roadtrip, with the extreme contraption traveling from one drag strip to another under its own power.

The sheer sight of this monster towing a trailer on the highway is enough to make us rejoice. With the racing rubber off and using a more civilized exhaust setup, this car can easily slide from the track onto the road. And as you’ll be able to see in the clip below, the cabin is roomy enough to allow for trips such as the ones mentioned above to take place.

Sure, the usability factor isn’t exactly top notch. For one thing, being stuck in traffic turns the otherwise sweet soundtrack of the V8 into a bit of a problem. But that’s the kind of issue we’d love to deal with. By: autoevolution