While german sports car maker Gumpert is trying a fresh start with an all-new model at the Geneva Motor Show, back in Germany car wrapping expert 2M-Designs has come up with a special design for the Gumpert Apollo S model. It features a two-tone red and black theme, which makes the car look like the superhero character Ironman.


The obviously couldn’t call the car Ironman, not the least because of copyright issue. So they settled for the next best thing, and called the IronCar! That’s kind ironic, seeing as the Apollo is actually made from carbon fiber.



The body of 2M-Designs Gumpert Apollo S is wrapped in a super special Centurion Red Chrome film which takes 80 hours to be produced, while the roof and bonnet are finished in black chrome. The rims too are coated in a liquid finish, while the mirrors get a carbon wrap. 2M has also replaced the stock grille with shatterproof Lexani glass and tinted the headlights. The interior is garnished with black suede and red stitching.



As you would expect, such treatment is not cheap. The wrapping of the exterior costs 6,800 Euros, and if you want the wheels coated, that’s another 2,500 Euros. By: motorward