Japanese design is as weird and cool as ever.

The annual Tokyo Motor Show is where, obviously, Japanese automakers present the country’s very best and latest.

5 Beautiful Tokyo Concepts

Both concept and production cars are present, but it’s the former that we really ought to pay attention to the most. Not only do they preview future new models, but they have some of the most outlandish designs.


5 Beautiful Tokyo Concepts

Often times the styling is hit or miss, but we picked out five, in no particular order, from this year’s show that are not only cool but will more than likely end up in dealer showrooms.

5 Beautiful Tokyo Concepts

Mazda became an expert at contradictory statements over the past couple of years regarding the possibility of a new rotary sports car. A successor to the famed RX-7 and RX-8 was what fans wanted, but Mazda refused to give a simple and straight answer. One manager said “no,” while some designer said the opposite.



Perhaps it was all one big gag. The RX-Vision Concept can be summed up in one word: gorgeous. Mazda, this car needs to happen. Just saying so (again). Pictures courtesy of Chester Ng. By: Carbuzz