The guys at TAG Motorsports obviously don’t agree with the argument that the Ford Raptor is the manliest car money can buy today. They think the factory-standard Raptor is a bit… underpowered, for lack of a better word.  Raptor-by-TAG-Motorsports-1

So they took matters into their own hand and solved the problem by bolting a Stag2 ROUSH supercharger kit on top of the Ford’s V8 engine. They also fitted it with Koost header system and high flow cats, as well as a Corsa sport exhaust system. The result of all this trickery is 600 horsepower, and the result of that is, obviously, a lot of fun.



This Raptor benefits from some other mods as well, such as a powered bed cover form Pace Edwards, red lock rings, ROUSH boost gauge, and custom embroidered headrests. By: motorward