You cannot not think of Straight Outta Compton when you hear 64 Impala. This car was upgraded to the legendary status when the NWA gang – Dre, Cube and Easy-E – dropped the line “Cruising Down the street in my 64,” and now everybody wants one of these low-lows. Apparently, they want to hit “them corners” in them.

64 Impala Convertible on Forgiatos
64 Impala Convertible on Forgiatos

So here’s a pristine 1964 Impala Convertible in bright red, built by BTS and rocking a set of multi-spoke Forgiato Pinzette wheels in size 20-inch on all four corners.

64 Impala Convertible on Forgiatos-wheels

We are mighty glad they went for a decent, proper size rather than letting Forgiato hook the car up with some of their huge 30 inch rims. We also like the simple brushed finish with chromed lips that complement the chrome on the body of this Chevy.

The iconic design of the 64 Impala combined with the fact that it is powered by a small block Chevy engine and, above all, the street cred it has thanks to all those rap song, make this car a highly desirable object. Even if you, like us, find lowriders rather silly, you can’t deny the appeal of the Impala as a true classic.

64 Impala Convertible on Forgiatos-Rear

We just hope other restomoders learn a thing or two from BTS and Forgiato and dial down the lunacy when they get busy modernizing one of them 64s. By: motorward