Product of a collaboration between renowned wheel maker ADV1 and specialized tuner 1016industries, the Renato Lamborghini Aventador is an exercise of enhanced looks and unmatched performance, all driven by insane levels of attention to detail.

780bhp Lamborghini Renato Aventador with ADV1 Wheels Frontview

Given the success with the Renato Huracán , which you read about earlier this year, 1016industries has put a ton of effort into making much more than yet another good looking aftermarket package for a Lamborghini. Details such as the rear wing which is mounted directly to the frame and saves you from mistreating the bodywork while it provides actual downforce, up to a two stage carbon fibre bodykit that lets you take the carbon game as far as possible are among the most interesting characteristics of their Renato kit for the Aventador.

780bhp Lamborghini Renato Aventador with ADV1 Wheels Sideview

On the aesthetics department, a full aerospace-grade carbon fibre kit adds a two-piece diffuser, carbon sides as well as a modular front lip which allows the change of outside blades. The rear wing is included in this kit and as mentioned, it is a piece made for both looks and functionality. If that’s not enough carbon for you already, the second stage of the kit includes a replacement for all black exterior trim in carbon.

780bhp Lamborghini Renato Aventador with ADV1 Wheels Rear Complementing all this, the ADV1 set of concave, gunmetal finished, forged wheels is made to measure for the Aventador, and can be acquired with the kit in any color and finish. And even if more carbon fibre is what you wish, there’s a list of parts to choose from which go all the way from the engine bay to a complete interior carbon replacement. By: GtSpirit

780bhp Lamborghini Renato Aventador with ADV1 Wheels-2