The 964-generation Porsche 911 represented quite a large transformation for the sports car in 1989. It featured a large amount of changes to the icon that helped pave the way for the 993 and its descendants.

This 964 911 keeps that classic feel with a touch of modern styling thanks to its new set of Rotiform wheels. 964-Porsche-911-with-Rotiform-OZT-Wheels-frontview

 The simple and iconic shape and figure of the 964 is a thing of beauty. It changed the longtime styling of the classic 911 model and brought it into the future. These new Rotiform OZT forged wheels achieve the same goal of bringing it a more modern look with a retro feel.

The step-lip Rotiform OZT forged wheels feature a flat face surrounded by exposed hardware for a traditional three-piece style. The ten spokes of the OZT wheels create a directional, turbine design that emphasizes speed and power – something that the Porsche 911 has in spades.


For this fitment, the Porsche 911 was outfitted with the forged alloy Rotiform OZT wheels wearing a slick Matte Silver finish on the face and lips with Matte Black covering the exposed hardware. Armed with a new set of Rotiform OZT wheels, this 964 Porsche 911 has its eyes on the future.


Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: 964 Porsche 911
Wheels: Rotiform OZT three-piece forged with step-lip and flat face
Wheel Finish: Matte Silver face and lips with Matte Black hardware

By: motoringexposure