If only this would really happen.

Back in 2003, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren joined forces to build something quite special. The result was the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. “SLR” stood for Sport Light Racing and the supercar paid homage to the Mercedes 300 SLR.

Gorgeous Reborn Mercedes SLR McLaren


But why bring in McLaren as a partner? At the time Mercedes owned 40 percent of McLaren. Production lasted only six years, but the SLS AMG was considered to be its replacement. As for McLaren, it embarked on a new path to build its own supercars.

Gorgeous Reborn Mercedes SLR McLaren-2


But what are the chances of a Mercedes SLR McLaren revival? Slim to none, but that didn’t stop Aritra Das, a 22-year-old designer, from wondering what it could have looked like.

Combining design language elements from both brands, he created this stunning reborn Mercedes SLR McLaren. Amazingly, Das tells us he has no design degree or official lessons; he came up with these renderings entirely on his own. Photos courtesy of Aritra Das. By: Carbuzz