As much as we love the new breed of hyper cars with their efficient petrol-electric powertrains and active aero, the golden age of supercars for us was the early 2000s when Ferrari made the Enzo, Porsche came up with the Carrera GT, and McLaren made the Mercedes SLR.  mclaren-mercedes-slr-cool-6

 So just for the old time’s sake let’s take a look back at one of those magnificent beasts, the McLaren Mercedes SLR, and do a bit of light reminiscing. We have here two very special SLRs, both of them tricked-out and upgraded for a fresh look.


The first one is a Black Mercedes SLR with a full Fab Design body kit including custom bumpers, fenders, air vents, exhaust pipes and wheels. This car is on display next to a SLR 722 Roadster at Alain Class Motors and it looks totally menacing in this deep shade of black.



The next car is a normal SLR beautifully wrapped by the guys at Impressive Wrap. They have come up with a very special treatment for this car, featuring a two-tone design that includes carbon-look foil for vents, grilles, and aero parts, and a unique embossed black chrome with metal steel design for the body panels. This is one of the coolest wraps we’ve ever seen, and yes, it costs a lot of money.

By: motorward