Swedish automaker, Koenigsegg, best known for creating some incredibly expensive and fast super cars has just introduced its latest design, the One:1. Boasting an amazing 1,341 hp engine and capable of reaching 273 mph, the One:1 is an epic super car.



The news we really care about is that the company’s latest project may not be a car, but a motorcycle.


Russian artist Burov Art designed this Koenigsegg Motorcycle Concept closely after the Lotus C-01 motorcycle, introduced earlier this year.

If Koenigsegg designed it, that may mean even more power figures and crazy performance than the Lotus, but there’s barley room for even speculation this is only a rendering, with no official plans of any sort.


The bike features all kinds of high quality, go-fast pieces like a carbon fiber fairing, digital instrument readout, double barrel exhausts and grippy Bridgestone Potenza rubber.

Based off looks alone, it seems like Koenigsegg is bringing their radical car designs to the motorcycle industry. I think it’ll work and they may even be able to make a profit in the two-wheel sector. What do you think? By: rideapart