Abarth brought its A-game at the Geneva Motor Show, presenting a prototype rally variant of the newly unveiled 124 spider model, just as it confirmed its return to motorsports.   Abarth Tickles Our Fancy With 300Hp 124 Spider Rally

Abarth has a close relationship with rallying ever since the brand modified and prepared Fiat rally cars, including the original 124 and the 131. Now, the Scorpion-governed brand wants to revive the romantic days of the motorsport discipline by presenting a modern variant of the original 124 Abarth, 40 years after its last official race.

Abarth Tickles Our Fancy With 300Hp 124 Spider Rally Sideview

Dedicated to all those who share the brand’s sense of challenge and racing world values, the automobile was fitted with an 1800 cm3 “bialbero” turbocharged direct injection engine, which (thanks to the different selectable mappings) provides a power output of 300 hp at 6500rpm and an optimum torque curve.

Although Abarth shies away from offering additional information, it does mention that the automobile’s performance is “breath-taking”; even the 6-speed sequential transmission was designed to enhance performance, while the traction is assured by the limited slip differential.

Abarth Tickles Our Fancy With 300Hp 124 Spider Rally Frontview

The project was apparently developed to ensure reliability and performance, even in the extreme conditions of typical rallies, with Abarth engineers working intensively to transform the already lightweight car intro an adrenaline-inducing racing machine.

Resistant materials were used in the construction, while the soft top made way for a more rigid, sturdier fixed composite hard top. All these modifications made the vehicle’s weight distribution to be a little rear biased, thus ensuring maximum traction in low grip conditions. Compared to the road going variant, the 124 rally benefits from a lowered center of gravity as well.

Abarth Tickles Our Fancy With 300Hp 124 Spider Rally Rearview

Built to meet FIA R-GT category, the car has required structural reinforcements to guarantee even greater stress resistance and the highest safety standards for the crew, and the body now has a safety roll cage. By: motorward