The guys at AC Schnitzer didn’t have time to play with the M2 before this year’s Geneva Motor Show. However, this is just as good if not better. While the army green paint is not to our liking, the 570 horsepower engine under the hood is perfect for revealing the 2er’s hidden potential. ACL2 Is a Monster BMW 2 Series with 570 HP Frontview

 The tuning project may be based on the M235i, but the roof is the only body part that’s been left untouched, so it’s hard to tell. Looking from the front, the ACL2 is as wide as a DTM racing car, thanks to its flared wheel arches. Carbon fiber is used for the big chin spoiler and aero flicks on the sides that will give it extra downforce. New grilles and a vented hood should help whatever resides under that hood to breathe better.

ACL2 Is a Monster BMW 2 Series with 570 HP

We say that because the engine transplant has not been detailed by the famed European tuner. But judging from that boomerang-shaped carbon tower brace, we’d wager the entire powertrain from the M3 was transferred, complete with twin turbochargers. The smallest 2-door made by BMW has as much power as a supercar, 570 rampaging horsepower that will set the rear tires ablaze. Speaking of which, the 20-inch AC Schnitzer alloy wheels are already bright red and accentuate the cross-drilled brakes.

ACL2 Is a Monster BMW 2 Series with 570 HP Rearview

Around the back, the 2 Series’ bumper has been enhanced by a carbon fiber diffuser below which sit four pipes tipped in black. A large fixed wing made from carbon is the cherry on the cake.

As for the interior, it highlights regular parts offered by the tuner by dressing them in green leather. The seats remind us of those used in the Ferrari FF while the steering wheel has futuristic grips we can’t fathom. AC Schnitzer’s parts catalog gave the ACL2 access to aluminum pedals, a new handbrake lever and chromed gear knob. Bucket seats will hold you as snugly as those in the GT3 RS, and the rear bench has been deleted as well. By: autoevolution