The Alfa Romeo Berlina Da Corsa which means ‘Sedan From Race’ in Italian is a concept created by Seongjun Ko, a Transportation Design graduate from Hongik University in South Korea.

Alfa Romeo Berlina Da Corsa
Alfa Romeo Berlina Da Corsa

The exterior styling of the Berlina Da Corsa concept was strongly influenced by Alfa Romeo’s rich racing heritage and sporting models from the 60’s and 70’s like the GT 1300 Junior and the 1750 GTV. This influence is especially noticeable in the design of the grille and headlight layout.

The design brief for the concept called for a next generation sedan, however the Berlina Da Corsa fulfills two roles thanks to its unique roof system. The rear section of the roof can be raised or lowered depending on whether the rear seats are occupied or not. This has the effect of turning the profile from a coupe to a sedan and back again, and due to the fact the roof is flexible and not made of separate metal panels the roofline remains fluid and unbroken in both positions.

Alfa Romeo Berlina Da Corsa-2

Alfa Romeo Berlina Da Corsa-3

The end result is that the driver can use the Berlina Da Corsa for dynamic and fast driving on racing tracks, and when needed the concept can transport four adults in style and comfort. The only downside to the design of the concept is the fact the rear seat passengers have a very limited field of vision and the passenger compartment would be very dark indeed. By: diseno-art