Startups don’t only make cool apps or devices, but also… supercars. American startup Trion has just made the news, thanks to their upcoming Nemesis supercar, that offers a crazy 2000 horse power and it’s detailed below.


It’s been a year since the Trion Nemesis was announced and now we’re getting there, since renders have appeared. The vehicle has been shown in a life size version to potential customers during a special event in California. Trion intends to make multiple models of the Nemesis, one of which will be a limited edition and sell for $2.2 million.

Trion-Nemesis-concept-supercar-4 Trion-Nemesis-concept-supercar-5

Apparently, that car comes with an unusual bonus: a share of the company. There will also be the Nemesis N1-RR, priced at $1.6 million and the Nemesis N1-GT, with 1,400 horse power output and a lower price tag. All these models pack twin turbo V8 engines, all wheel drive and an 8 speed gearbox (sequential). The Nemesis will reach 100 km/n in 2.8 seconds and it uses a lightweight carbon fiber chassis, with Inconel elements.

As usual for a race car, we get large and arched front wings, as well as a big rear wing. By concepsuper