The ARAC ZXS motorcycle is quite unlike any other road-going motorcycle, combining new body design, with ultra light aluminum chassis and powerful and massive fuel-injected v-twin motor. All combined gives a whole new sight – a machine distinctive by its look and performances.


What also makes it so distinct is the package –that is comparing with others in class of so called “street fighters”, quite smaller and lighter even though it carries the biggest motor.

Designer : Marko Petrovic


It’s smaller but very dynamic and esthetically very aggressive, with sharp lines and curves surrounding the engine compartment. The idea was to create a body design that naturally continues through the whole frame giving the impression of a metal skin with two tone-color (in this case black and fire orange).


The seating area is also quite large providing better comfort, and it ends with a thinner tail carrying back light. Front light –head is also unique in its pure form and the new technology used – it’s a light emitting glass plates that gives a beautiful and clear-understanding light. It is recycled and uses less of energy.


Additional smart feature is so called “safe drive” system that can be turned on an off – how it’s desired. It is consisted of an integrated sensor that tracks and notes speed and distance from other vehicles around. So if on it automatically control the speed and keeps it under “safe zone” through its connection to specially designed brake system, not allowing super speeds– useful feature for city drive.

But for outside crowded city since it’s optional, it can be turned off so the driver can fully experience the power of ARAC ZXS Motorcycle. By: tuvie