MC Customs of Miami is more used to working on American stuff, like Wranglers and Escalades. This time though they have upgraded a European SUV with a European kit, and then added a touch of Americana with a set of Forgiato Wheels. The result is one of the sickest Arden Range Rover AR9s we have ever seen.

Arden Range Rover Wide Body by MC Customs

There are a bunch of options if you prefer your Range Rover widened, but Arden’s AR9 Spirit package is one of the more classy choices, partly because of the prestige of the brand, and also because it is a very well designed kit and gives the RR a lot more presence.

Arden Range Rover Wide Body by MC Customs Front

Arden Range Rover Wide Body package consists of custom front and rear bumpers with new chin spoiler and rear diffuser with integrated tailpipes, as well as front and rear wide fenders complemented with side vents and chunky sills.

Sideview Arden Range Rover Wide Body by MC Customs

What MC Customs has done here is spice things up with some American flavor in form of a set of Strut grilles as well as four Forgiato Labbro-M wheels from the Monoleggera Sport line with a brushed and body-color finish. Those rims might look a bit small inside the huge fenders of Arden Range Rover, but they measure 24 inch in diameter. By: motorward