A while ago we showed what PSM Dynamic has in mind for the BMW M2 in terms of a wide body kit. Now, if that proposition was not ‘extreme’ enough for you, check this out. This is Aristo Dynamics BMW M2 and it takes the concept of wide body-ness to a whole new level.Orange Aristo Dynamics BMW M2

Just like PSM’s car, Aristo Dynamics BMW M2 is a rendering at this stage but the Spanish tuner does have a concrete plan to make it. We like what we’re seeing in these images, but there is always a degree of uncertainty with extreme kits like this whether they will look as good in the flesh and up close. The M2, after all, is a pretty compact coupe. Won’t those huge fenders look ungainly on it?

Silver Aristo Dynamics BMW M2

Those huge fenders are only part of a massive styling kit for the Aristo Dynamics BMW M2. The package also includes customized bumpers with new air intakes and bezel garnish, front wings, wide skirts and sills, revised rear bumper with diffuser and a boot lid spoiler in carbon. The tuner is also proposing a number of very vibrant colors as well as a set of HRE P200 wheels for this car, neither of which suit it very well.

Yellow gold Aristo Dynamics BMW M2

By: motorward