Not that the standard Ferrari F12 Berlinetta doesn’t sound manly, but you would agree the way that V12 engine screams at full chat is more soprano than baritone. That is not the case with the Armytrix Ferrari F12 though, thanks to a bespoke titanium valvetronic exhaust system they have developed for the car.


Besides sounding like an angry mob boss tearing his capos a new one, Armytrix Ferrari F12 has another talent and that is shooting massive flames. The combination of the sound and the fire makes this car one of the angriest, meanest, baddest Ferraris we’ve ever come across.

Armytrix exhaust system for Ferrari F12 Berlinetta comes with an iPhone app that allows you to control the valvetronic system remotely and have control over the volume of the sound it emits. Configuration of the valves is shown by the easy to read display interface. When the Green light is on, the valves are opened.

Red indicates valves are closed and Orange means at 3500 rpm the valves will automatically open. Other highlights of this system include titanium made quattro tips – optional Titanium blue or chrome silver, valve system control the loudness in 3 modes (On, off, tps/rpm auto), and compatibility with stock cat pipe. By: motorward