Masters of extravagance at Forgiato Wheels have done it again, this time fitting a black Aston Martin DB9 with a set of super shiny candy red wheels. This car apparently belongs to a striving Mexican actor, so it kind of makes sense why he would go this color wheels.


Actors who are trying to make it in the business need to be in the public’s eye at all times, no matter how. That is why they leak their sex tapes and nude photos. Fortunately for everybody, Sergio Goyri, the owner of this car, is not that desperate yet. So he was content with having his black Aston DB9 made a bit more conspicuous.



Forgiato Wheels has supplied this Aston Martin DB9 with a set of Maglia wheels from the Monoleggera or monoblock series. The size is pretty normal at 20-inch all around, but the candy red finish is what gives this set its edge. Forgiato says the finish is of such high quality, it can endure massive speed, brake dust, grime, and pretty much any punishment you can through at it.


We do not like red wheel simply because they are ostentatious and uncool. But the DB9 is so damn pretty, not even those ghastly wheels can rob it of its innate sexiness. We hate to admit this, but the end result actually looks pretty good! By: motorward