The Audi A9 concept is a stylish proposal for a luxury sports saloon which was developed by the talented Spanish designer Daniel Garcia. Garcia’s previous work includes the Ducati 6098 R concept from 2009.

Audi A9 concept Frontview

The A9 concept would be positioned higher than Audi’s current flagship model, the A8, and is aimed at other top-end luxury saloons like the Porsche Panamera, and if it ever went into production, the Lamborghini Estoque.

The styling of the A9 concept was partially inspired by the stunning architectural style of Santiago Calatrava’s buildings in “La Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias” (The City of Arts and Sciences) in Garcia’s hometown of Valencia. This influence can be seen in the clean flowing lines of the vehicle and futuristic styling features. Calatrava’s buildings look like they come from 100 years in the future, and so does this.

The single-piece windscreen and roof is formed from an as-yet undiscovered nanotechnology material which features an automatic-system for repairing damage, and it can also be adjusted for color and opacity. The bodywork of the Audi A9 concept also features a unique ‘electronic painting’ system which means the vehicle’s color can be changed at the touch of a button.

Audi A9 concept Sideview

The proposed drivetrain for the A9 concept is an advanced hybrid setup which uses an internal combustion engine working in conjunction with four in-wheel electric motors.

Of course, with Garcia’s concept being an independently created design, any A9 model Audi decides to produce will probably look significantly different. But with the A7 currently notching up fairly healthy sales, and Audi keen to keep pace with BMW and Mercedes in filling just about every niche possible. An even larger, more luxurious four-door coupe – possibly verging on limousine proportions – isn’t unimaginable.

Audi A9 concept Rear

It’s rumored that while an A9 model hasn’t been approved for production yet, engineers and accountants within the company are currently assessing the business case for such a vehicle. Audi’s MLB (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) platform – currently used for the A8 – would provide a suitable basis for the vehicle, and there are plenty of drivetrains to choose from, including both large displacement conventional engines and hybrid setups. By: diseno-art