The Audi R- Zero concept is the work of a transport designer and two digital designers from the International Design School, France.

Audi R-Zero
Audi R-Zero

Franck Levivier, Rémi Marchand and Pierre-Olivier Wagner’s collaboration centered around a desire to create a concept supercar for a time when the world could no longer rely on oil for a source of power.

Essential to the R-Zero’s design was a belief that despite the cars environmentally friendly credentials it should have the ability to excite.

Audi R-Zero-2

A projected 1091 horsepower comes from four individual in-wheel electric motors powered by a row of batteries positioned just forward of the rear axle.

One of the advantages of the electric drivetrain layout is that it has allowed the R-Zero’s designers to capitalise on the cooling airflow provided by the front grille. Running the length of the Audi R-Zero is a hollow backbone frame which channels airflow in though the front grille, distributes cooling air to various temperature sensitive components – like the brakes, and then expels the air out the central rear grille.

Audi R-Zero-3

Despite its gorgeous lines and innovative engineering, the Audi R-Zero is only a concept. There are no plans to build a working one-off. Let alone put the vehicle into production. by: Diseno-art