The Australian Police force of New South Wales has just taken delivery of a brand new Porsche 911 Carrera which for patrol duties in the Force’s Harbourside Local Area Command.


Unfortunately, instead of being used for high-speed pursuits and rapid response calls, the Australian Police Porsche 911 will be used more of less solely as a way to help the police force better interact with the public, and especially young adults, at community events.


This is the third year Porsche Cars Australia have partnered with the Australian Police force as part of the Force’s community engagement activities. Since 2012 the NSW police force has used a specially adapted Porsche to attend over 300 community events throughout the state.

This is the first time a 911 has been used for the program however, both previous years a Panamera was selected. The striking blue and white livery of the 2014 911 Carrera was inspired by nearly 60 competition entries from students throughout New South Wales universities and high schools.


And before anyone starts saying what a waste of taxpayer money – which it would be – the car is still owned and serviced by Porsche. The Australian police force only have to pay for fuel. Which is a pretty sweet deal for the police. Porsche also get a pretty good bonus in the form of loads of free exposure too, just for leasing out a car for one year. By: diseno-art