Unfortunately, talking smack and joking about other car cultures is a widely adopted activity at certain car meets and between some “wannabe aficionados”, but this video just proves that everybody likes supercars.

Aventador & 458 Speciale Crash Tuning Meet In France

Don’t get us wrong, these kind of machines aren’t the absolute answer to motoring Nirvana, but their presence always had an exotic appeal, uniting the majority of car lovers in awe and wonder.

Naturally, everybody thinks that their culture of choice is the best one out there, concentrating only on the favorable aspects, ignoring the drawbacks. That’s why the “ricer vs muscle” dispute is an ongoing thing.

Anyway, when a Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari 458 Speciale crashed a (normal) car meet, everybody lost their minds, taking pictures, filming and asking the owners to rev their vehicles. This just shows that even though you might be an avid follower of a certain type of automotive belief, a refined, well-designed, mid-engine sports car will get the best of you.

Mind you, before giving the supercar owners the benefit of the doubt (thinking that they’re on a culture-spreading spree), it’s pretty obvious that the two cars are there to show-off a little. At least, that’s how we see it. By: Carscoops