As if owning a regular Aventador LP-750 SV isn’t special enough, dressing it up with a neon/black/gray camouflage wrap definitely takes the cake.

On top of that, this one is wearing Novitec’s famous Torado kit which means a two-piece front splitter, side and front air intakes plus a huge wing at the back – all made out of carbon fiber of course. Performance-wise, where the standard Aventador SV makes due with 750 PS and 690 Nm (508 lb-ft) of torque, Novitec boosts those numbers to 786 PS and a whooping 737 Nm (544 lb-ft) of torque, which means this may be an even more formidable track car.

In this case however we’re more interested in this car’s appearance. The “Camouflage Bull” wrap was installed courtesy of Miami-based Prestige Imports while the gloss black NV1 20×9 & 21×13 wheels come courtesy of Vossen – now an official Novitec partner. Camouflage-styled wraps have grown quite popular lately, a trend that was even picked up by Red Bull Racing while they were testing last year’s RB11 car, which was also nicknamed the “CamoBull”. By: Carscoops