Even though Ferrari F12tdf is not exactly a rare car – at least by special edition Ferrari standards – with 799 units being produced, it is still a rare sight out in the wild. It is doubly rare, finished in a special livery like this utterly magnificent Azzuro Dino.


 So far we had only seen the F12tdf in red and yellow, which are fine colors for this car. But this Azzuro Dino Ferrari F12tdf knocks both of them out of the water with its unique shade of blue, matte black wheels, and yellow accents. Whoever’s ordered this bad boy certainly had a unique taste in cars. This tdf was delivered in Luxembourg, so we will be seeing it out and about in Europe in the near future.

To recap, Ferrari F12tdf is a hard-core version of the F12 Berlinetta with 100 kg lighter weight and 40 extra horsepower. The car also features a revised chassis and a new rear-steering system, as well as different electronics that are supposed to make this beast more drivable at the limit.


But make no mistake, the F12tdf is still a rampaging stallion that can kill you instantly if you make a mistake with it. By: motorward