We showcased some mysterious Honda-patent images earlier this year (and even made the above rendering out of them), eager to found out what’s the story behind them.

Honda’s full-own supercar, the NSX, has yet to make itself available for purchase, and we’re already interested in the Japanese car manufacturer’s future products. But we can’t help it, given the firm’s tendency to offer sublime sports-cars, dedicated to the hardcore enthusiasts.


Just try to remember the days when the S2000 was pumping out 237 horses from its 2.0-litre, naturally-aspirated, 9,000rpm-revving powerplant – it was the roadster chosen by driving aficionados.

But it seem that the S2000’s essence will be back, in the form of a “spiritual successor” which will make its debut somewhere in 2018. Moreover, according to Auto Express, a source close to Honda stated that the future “baby NSX” would feature a mid-mounted 1.5-litre turbocharged engine, aided by an electric motor, capable of producing 300 hp.

A smaller-displacement engine is apparently being developed so that the car manufacturer can comply with stringent emission regulations. The car is said to feature F1 tech that will be developed in conjunction with McLaren and Honda’s F1 program, as the source explained:

“When Honda made its last F1 comeback in 1999, it basically coincided with the development of the original S2000. That’s where you got the first-generation’s screaming 9,000rpm engine.”

So, judging only by its looks – as seen in the patent drawings – the car will probably pack a punch; but we’ve just have to be patient for now. By: carscoops