After the Mexico Blue and Napier Green, we thought we have shown you the nicest colors of the McLaren 675LT. There was no way anything could top those. And now we have to take that back, as we have come across a super unique black on gold McLaren 675LT which is stunning as hell.  Black-on-Gold-McLaren-675LT-updoors

Granted, not everyone’s going to like the deep black paint job on this LT tasteful. And there is the argument that this color obscures all the cool styling features of the car, making it look like a 650S. But you have to admit, the combination of the black paint and the gold aftermarket wheels has resulted in a spectacular look for the car. Next to this, all those blues and oranges and greens look rather inane.


McLaren 675LT Specs:

Maximum speed 330KPH (205MPH); 0-100KPH (62MPH) 2.9s; 0-200KPH (124MPH) 7.9s; Maximum power 675PS (666BHP); Maximum torque 700NM (515LBFT); Engine capacity 3,799CC; Technology Twin-Turbo; 200-0KPH (124-0MPH) 115M (377FT); 100-0KPH (62-0MPH) 30.2M (99FT); CO2 275G/KM; Power to Weight 549PS/Tonne; Weight 1,328KG (2,927LB); Dry Weight 1,230KG; Weight distribution (F/R) 42.5%/57.5%.


By: motorward