BMW has launched the 328 Hommage concept, a design study concerned with a speedster, at the Villa d’Este. Taking its inspiration from the legendary 328 model, some of its awe-inspiring features include carbon-fiber body with asymmetric windscreen.


The 328 Hommage holds the same layout. It is an exceptional 2-seater roadster having a front-mounted engine with a lightweight construction. The 328 Hommage BMW is unlike the 1930’s model in terms of its make, the usage of carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

bmw-328-hommage-concept-car3 bmw-328-hommage-concept-car2

The exterior design boasts a surface treatment related to the one followed by BMW for its newest concepts, with its design incorporating an assortment of elements, which creates a visual tie to the original model.

bmw-328-hommage-concept-car4 bmw-328-hommage-concept-car8

Thanks to the usage of materials as well as freely suspended elements including 2 iPhones included in the dashboard via special aluminum housing having a silhouette of classic stopwatches, that expresses a sense of lightness in terms of its interior structure. Clear-cut lines run across the sedan body’s taut surfaces. Overall, the 328 Hommage model is very awe-inspiring.

Designer : BMW / by: tuvie