Sometimes, the automotive industry seems to be all about design. No matter how powerful or how bad a car actually is, it might get the lion’s share in its class thanks to its cute, aggressive, unconventional or futuristic design. And, as far as we’re concerned, appealing designs and powerful engines are dependent on each other, but each of them are holding a key role in the overall success of a certain model.
BMW X9 concept

So, talking about fresh designs, people’s imagination are sometimes going far beyond the carmakers’ and we can easily see this in the so many concept studies rolled out in the last weeks.
BMW X9 concept-2
Unfortunately, most of these creations are actually futuristic drawings that have absolutely no chance to enter production but, in some good cases, might offer the designer a collaboration contract with famous design centers.
BMW X9 concept-3
A brand new design that’s surely worth our attention comes from Khalfi Oussama who sketched a so-called BMW X9 concept, a model that, at the first look, seems a bit more appropriate for Hollywood movies than for street driving. There are no details on what type of engine such a car would feature but, since it’s all just the result of rich imagination, anything is possible.

The 18-year old designer from Tunisia is somehow experienced in the auto sector, as he previously sketched futuristic drawings for several other models, including other BMWs and Ferraris. However, the X9 is by far the most charming so let’s just hope that the guys over at BMW are actually taking such designs into consideration. By: Autoevolution