It’s been 100 years since BMW was founded and the company celebrates the occasion with the very impressive Vision Next 100 concept.


Instead of looking back at their rich history, the Bavarian company decided to look forward and present their idea of the future car.

The autonomous Vision Next 100 was the result, a four-door coupe that can turn its cabin into a lounge when switched into the self-driving Ease mode, retracting the steering wheel and the center console for better comfort.

BMW has not forgot though the values that made them what they are; by opting for the Boost mode, the driver gains back the control of the vehicle, which then projects on the windscreen things like the ideal driving line, steering point and speed among others. The real party piece though is the Alive Geometry approach. This includes even the crazy bodywork that stretches over the wheels and is by far one of the most impressive features of the concept.