Is it a complete write off?
As you have likely already determined, the BMW i8 pictured here did not come with a mangled rear axle fresh from the factory. This poor hybrid Bimmer ended up this way after a nasty accident that took place in Arizona.

BMW i8 Accident

Although details are still emerging regarding the circumstances of the crash, preliminary assessments estimate that at least $30,000 in damage was done to this i8. As is very clear in the photos, the rear-end on the driver’s side is severely damaged.

BMW i8 Accident-2

The suspension is broken, the rear bumper needs to be entirely replaced, and the driver’s side door is badly damaged. In addition, the carbon-fiber frame seems to have been damaged beyond repair, leaving us to think this i8 could well be a complete write off. What to you think? Can it be repaired?
By: carbuzz