The automotive industry has seen quite a few revolutionary vehicles the past couple of years that are aimed at more responsible and sustainable motoring. Cars such as the Tesla Model S, Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and BMW i8 have all pushed the performance envelope without guzzling down gasoline. The plug-in-hybrid BMW i8 was one of the first to really blend performance with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, and the team at Brixton Forged have made it even more exciting with their R10D Duo Series forged wheels.

BMW i8 with Brixton Forged R10D Duo Series Wheels

The turbocharged-three cylinder engine works alongside two electric motors to create a total of 357 horsepower packed underneath a stunning futuristic design. The satin-finished body of this BMW i8 wears contrasting Electric Green highlights that emphasize the sleek curves along each side, the front fascia, and the rear, creating a fluid motion.

Matching that vibrant Electric Green color is a new set of Brixton Forged R10D Duo Series wheels. Made from forged aluminum alloy, these two-piece wheels feature a milled aluminum face and rolled step lip inner design with each spoke meeting the edge of the outer rim. The directional twist alludes to the speed and performance packed into the plug-in hybrid super car.

BMW i8 with Brixton Forged R10D Duo Series Wheels Sideview

At the front of the BMW i8, the Brixton Forged R10D Duo Series wheels were installed in a 9.0 x 21 setup while the rear comes in with a staggered 10.5 x 21 setup. Each wheel sports a 120-grit brushed e-Green face with a gloss clear coat and contrasting PVD Black exposed lightweight RAU Titanium hardware in the name of performance. Also cutting down on rotating mass is lightweight backpad pocketing.

BMW i8 with Brixton Forged R10D Duo Series Wheels Rear

Even among the “Big Three” hybrid hypercars from Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari, this BMW i8 with Brixton Forged R10D Duo Series wheels still manages to stand out.

By: motoringexposure