Sometimes all you have to do to get inspired is to look to the past. That’s what the Austin, Texas based Revival Cycles did when a client told them to do whatever they wanted within a set budget. BMW-Landspeeder-by-Revival-Cycles-Sideview

It took a while for the team to agree on what they wanted to build – but they eventually settled on building a bike inspired by Ernst Henne’s Landspeeder.


The BMW R37 Racer was originally made in 1928 specifically for Henne, and he would go on to break multiple records on the bike during his career.



This particular bike is built just for the showroom – but the team at Revival stuck to their founding principals and made a bike that is as functional as it is strikingly aesthetic. Using the R37 as a blueprint – the team lengthened the wheel base, dropped the engine lower in the stamped steel box frame, and gave the bike a magneto ignition system. This bike isn’t street legal – but is sure is gorgeous.

By: hiconsumption