This is the incredible BMW M motorcycle concept from Jans Slapins. He’s a 27-year-old 3D modeller who hails from London and likes to toy with automotive concepts. His latest creation is this fantastic piece of design.


We’ve previously seen a wild Lamborghini Rat Rod that he designed along with his friend Pawel Wisniewski, but this one is entirely a Jan Slapins creation. What makes the design so intriguing is the level of detail that he’s added in order to make it look like something real, not just a bike that exists purely in his head.



According to Silodrome, there’s a 1200cc twin cylinder boxer engine which puts out 115 horsepower along with inverted forks in the front and a mono shock, single-sided swing arm in the rear. It’s a very futuristic, modern design that takes its cues from jet fighters.


It’s not entirely of the future, though, as Slapins incorporated subtle details to keep the motorcycle from becoming too sterile. There are wooden fuel tank guards and the seat features diamond stitching that’s more reminiscent of a luxury car than a jet-like motorcycle. It would definitely be quite the bike if BMW every made one even close to this concept. By: boldride