Every day we see tons of freshly wrapped cars, but to be honest not many of them deserve even a second look. It’s a different story with this BMW M4 though. This car, arguably, is the nicest wrapped M4 we have ever seen.   BMW M4 in Satin Black and Gold Chrome

Wrapped by the creative guys at Impressive Wrap, this BMW M4 get s super unique and surprisingly classy look thanks to a special design featuring satin black and chrome gold.



The dominant color here is, of course, black, with gold chrome used only as garnish on the bumpers, aero parts, and the wheels, not to mention those cool graphics on the doors and the hood.


What staggers most about IW’s satin black BMW M4 is the attention to details. They have made sure even the most obscure styling detail, such as those tiny ///M bars on the front wings, have got their own touch, in this case chrome gold. The badges are also treated individually, and so are the components of the M Performance aero kit. By: motorward