While this video may look straightforward, let’s keep an open mind and try to figure out what the guy in theBimmer was thinking.

As one of the YouTubers points out in the comments section, just as the video starts, you can see a car pass theambulance on the penultimate lane, before getting back onto the fast lane. Could all this be about that ambulance holding up the fast lane by going slow, or considerably under the speed limit?
Still, at the end of the day, what the M6 driver did was absolutely unacceptable. You can’t pull somebody over on the highway, let alone on the fast lane! It was wrong, illegal and ignorant and we certainly hope that when proper authorities get a hold of him, they’ll do more than just slap him with a hefty fine.

Losing your mind in traffic is never a good thing, and looking to make an example of others is borderline vigilantism – which may work in the DC/Marvel universe, but certainly not in this one. By: Carscoops


*Note: According to a Russian site Tvzvezda , the driver of the M6 was indeed annoyed with the Ambulance for using the fast lane, even though they’re allowed to do so in an emergency – the Ambulance was allegedly transporting a man with thrombosis and had its warning lights on. The driver of the BMW is also said to have several unpaid fines and is even risking administrative arrest.